So we've moved. We're now living in sunny Pasadena, California. We're still working on websites in Canada but we're also taking on some new projects here. Most recently is AAA Garage Solutions who provide Garage Cabinets and Monkey Bar Storage in Los Angeles.

Kimber over at Health Express in White Rock contacted us to ask some questions about SEO. She'd been approached by a few SEO companies out there, who for a hefty monthly fee would get her top rankings in the internet. None of them offered to start at the basics, create a website. Without a website, any good rankings would be on their website, and you could only stick with them and keep paying. If you put time and effort into your listing and they didn't work well for you then when you stopped paying all your work was gone.

We offered to help Kimber with a basic website, get it set up to be found on Google with the right design and setup of keywords and titles. We also set up a maps listing to make sure she's found there. No ongoing monthly fee, no tied in with fresh spark, a simple website she can update herself.

Here's her website, check it out if you need any health supplements or vitamins in White Rock.

What are SEO and SEM?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. It's getting your website to the top of teh results when some one searches. So if you're a plumber in Surrey when I type "surrey plumber" into Google you want to be at the top of the list. It's likely I will call one of the top 3. In fact studies have shown that about 80% of users will click on one of the top three organic (free) results.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing. You can pay for the top spot. If you do a search on Google you'll notice that they display ads, sometimes at the top and sometimes at the side. They're often in a different colour or marked as an ad.

So which should I choose? Probably both.

If you have a good website, that;s easy to read, with good content you should rank well for organic results. These are free and also 80% of people choose these. It's the way to go. However it can take a while to get ranked well (we find 2 - 3 months) but once there it's easy to stay there.

Ads are fast, set them up and you can be listed in hours. Also they are very targeted. So if you are a plumber in surrey you only want to show your ads to people who search for "surrey plumber" who are in Surrey, BC. Not Surrey, England. You can be very specific with your ads. Your ad can only display when some one searches for "leaking pipe" leading to an ad saying "Leaking pipe? We have a 24 hour callout service" linking to a page about how good you are at stopping leaks and the damage that they can cause. This kind of very specific targeting means people can find exactly what they are searching for and are more likely to call you.

Also with ads, it doesn't cost you anything to have them displayed, you only get charged when some one clicks on them, and you can set your budget carefully to spend only what you want.

This is where having a good, simple well laid out website from your SEO comes in. Once your potential client is on your site, you want to make it easy for them to contact you.


We always like to set up sites that our customers can easily update themselves. We like simple, clean designs that are easy to maintain. However not everyone has the time to manage their sites and we're offering some packages to help you maintain your site. You can see all our current monthly packages here.

If you don't want to add new pages yourself you can just email us the content and any images and we'll take care of it. Or if you want regular updates we provide packages for 5 or 10 pages a month. Need more? Just call us and we can tailor a package to your needs.

Want to rank better on Google? After the initial setup to bring your website up to scratch we can continue to monitor how it is doing, make changes as needed and keep your Google Ads running.

We knocked up this site pretty quickly for Gerry's brother Michael who is an electrician in Co Monagan in Ireland. Michael repairs all kinds of electrical appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and freezers. He also does commercial electrical maintenance. 

He wanted a basic site that he wouldn't have to update himself to list the details of what he does and how to contact him. We think this covers it.


So if you need a website, we don't just cover BC, we'll make a website for you anywhere in the world.

Sarah Shoemaker is a personal fitness trainer in White Rock and after kicking our butts at a workout asked about getting a new website. She wanted something with a simple layout that she could make changes to herself. Ursula got to work designing a new logo for the website and business cards while Gerry set up a Joomla! back end and template for the site.

The result? A site that looks great but is very simple for Sarah to update. Adding workouts and blogs or changing text is about as easy as sending an email. No need to worry about spacing, fonts or colours, just type it in and Joomla! and the template take care of the rest. If you're in need of a personal trainer, give Sarah a call.

Shoemaker Fitness

When the folks at Living Wellness Centre asked for a new website they wanted it to reflect their passion for integrated wellness and helping others. They choose cool greens and yellows to complement their sepia photographs. With a number of practitioners  naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists and meditation classes there was a lot of information to fit in but we broke it down to multiple menus so that people could quickly and easily hone in on the information they needed. 

As well as everything else the website had to work for them, so we worked on SEO and it ranks well on Google searches brining in business.

Living Wellness Centre

If you are having trouble setting up your email account this article is your first stop. Here we will use an example of This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a password of Open_Sesame. Just replace these with your username and password and your email will be working in minutes.

Outlook 2007 and 2010

Click on File - Account Settings, Account Settings.

Email setup

Then click on New to add a new email account and click on Next

Choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click on next.

Choose internet E-mail and click on next. 

Fill out all the details as below, changing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your email address. Your username is your email address with a '+' sign instead of an '@'.

Email setup

Click on More Settings and choose the Outgoing Server tab and choose My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and also choose the User same settings as my incoming mail server.

Email setup

Choose the Advanced tab and change the Outgoing Server port to 587 and also choose SSL for the encrypted connection


Click on OK and then click on Next. Outlook should now be set up.